TLC Nursery


AnnaBella Nicole

created By Reborn Artist

Judy Cross

November 11, 2009

6lbs 9 oz, 20 inches






Welcome to TLC Nursery. TLC Nursery was established some 7+ yrs ago when I ReBirthed My First Baby. Since then I have ReBirthed over 500 babies and spent thousands of hours creating these Beautiful Life Like One Of a Kind Treasured Heirloom Collector Babies. I am Judy Cross the Artist behind the scenes of TLC Nursery. I take Great Pride in my Babies and I believe you will too. Each and Every Baby ReBirthed her at the nursery is Unique and truely One of A Kind, given their own palate of colors to achieve the most Beautifully Life Like Babies you see here today.

No Baby is EVER Duplicated at TLC as we understand that babies are Truely Unique and One Of a Kind and Can't Be Duplicated.
TLC Babies are Often Imitated but are Never Duplicated.

I stand behind my work 100% and am Pleased to have the Opportunity to bring to you, these truely treasured One Of A Kind Babies.
I use only the highest of quality material to ensure your new bundle of joy stays fresh and sweet for Generations to come.












 AnnaBella at A Glance

Beautiful Marissa May Sculpt

3/4 real touch limbs

Custom cuddle Body Weighted proportionately

Weighted Proportionately to Feel True to Life

Beautifully Detailed Living Skin Tones with Genesis Heat Sets

Beautiful Layette

Magnetic Pacifier

Faux Milk Bottle













AnnaBella is a Beautifully Detailed Marissa May Sculpt. She has beautiful 3/4 limbs that I have proportionately weighted so when you cradle her in your arms, she not only Looks True to Life She Feels True to Life

AnnaBella's body is custom made and has also been weighted proportionately.

Shopping for AnnaBella will be so much fun. She wears Newborn size clothing!













Annabella has amazing newborn skin tones that I have achieved using my own techniques and a custom color palate of Genesis Heat Set Paints applied in several layers. The results are Astonishing!

Special Attention was given to her finest of details, I have not overlooked Anything.

Each layer has been heat set before applying the next to ensure AnnaBella's

 skin tones will stay beautiful for years to come.

Anna Bella's skin tones glow with life.














Each of Annabella's tiny toes and fingernails have been meticulously detailed and appear to be freshly clipped. I have triple sealed each so they will never chip or fade.

Her lips have been detailed ever so beautiful and triple sealed as well.














AnnaBella has beautiful micro rooted hair in a beautiful shade of dark chestnut brown. Her hair is a Premium Angora Mohair that was rooted 2-3 strands at a time for the perfect newborn appearance.

AnnaBella's hair can be brushed and styled as often as you like.








































Annabella's Layette  


4pc Pink & Brown Polka Dot Outfit 

(Long Sleeve Onesie Top, Matching Long Pants, Cordinating Bib and Cap)

Cordinating Sock/Booties

Snuggle Blanket

Travel Buddy (Stuffed Animal/Doll)

Magnetic Pacifier

2oz Faux Milk Bottle












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And the List Goes On.......





































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